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W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
If you're serious about earning residual income online, taking that first step to go through the motions eventually gets you where you want to be.  I never thought I would reach the goal of teaching others how to create residual income online but as you can see, I've reached my goal and now help others who want to help themselves.  I'm always more than happy to help others who take action to help themselves.

If you have questions or need help, you can contact me through my Facebook Group (Online Article Writers) and Facebook Page (Free Write Revenue Streams).  I prefer people to contact me through Facebook because I sign into Facebook almost everyday.

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Welcome to WebmastersUltimateResources.com website.  I put together this website to share how I began to earn money online using free resources available on the web.  Joining free programs led me to create multiple streams of daily residual income.

Read my story to learn which free opportunities I use that helped me develop a successful Internet Business that continues to grow and expand each day.

Yes, as I continue to write articles at Revenue Sharing Websites I continued to expand my Internet Business by blogging using blogger by Google.  As I used the blogger platform I learned how to use the blogger Gadgets to easily embed Adsense Ads on to my blogs.  Each time I receive an impression or click to an Adsense Ad embed on to my blog, I would not have to share/split the generated revenue because blogger is not a Revenue Sharing Website.


Blogger is very easy to use and the platform has many features to choose from to give your blog a unique look and feel. Choose from dozens of backgrounds, adjust the width and height, add videos and pictures and choose font style, color and size.  Blogger back in its day was plain and generic but now blogger offers dozens of features to help you create a professional looking inviting blog.  If you eventually start to learn how to tweak HTML codes you can also use the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to take it to the next level by overriding a blogs existing style.  If you develop a skill you can do a lot using free.

Pushing myself forward helped me to improve my Internet skills and as I became more experienced and comfortable working online, I felt it was time to learn how to record videos.  I wanted to add video clips to my articles, blogs and websites to enhance a visitors experience.

I practiced recording videos using my digital camera then opened a YouTube account to upload the videos I recorded.  As I continued to upload video clips to my first YouTube channel, I was invited by YouTube to join the YouTube Partnership program to show Advertiser Ads on my YouTube channel to earn income.  I accepted and that is how I became a YouTube partner.  I now earn residual income from my YouTube channels.

When I started to record videos I was well aware that my videos were not the best of quality BUT the topic I spoke about I still practice today.

I​​ started to record video clips using a digital camera but then I bought a MAC desktop and started recording videos using the iMovie.  I now edit the iMovie video clips to add sound and content, adjust color and contrast and add pictures too to make the video clips more entertaining.  I then learned how to use my iPod and iPad to record videos to directly upload the video clips to YouTube.  Can you see how taking action to push forward continues to help me evolve?  If I can do it you can do it too.
I mastered using Revenue Sharing Websites and developing blogger blogs and at some point someone introduced me to free website builders.  I watched videos to learn how to use some website builders to develop free websites and that led me to learn how to manually create Adsense and Chitika Ads.  Learning how to manually create an Adsense and Chitika Ad code to embed into a website's HTML code gave me the freedom to generate daily residual income faster.

Learning how to manually create Adsense and Chitika ad codes to embed into a website's HTML code allowed me to earn revenue from impressions and clicks the Publisher ads received.

I finally understood how to create multiple streams of income with the Adsense and Chitika Publisher Networks.  I went through the motions to become proficient at creating ad codes manually to embed into a websites HTML code.

At first the free websites I created were not be the best of designs and content BUT the information I shared was useful.  As I continued to practice developing websites using free website builders, I got very good at using the website builder platforms and each time I tweaked, edited and added content my websites started to look more appealing and professional.  Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Buying a Domain Name, website builder and hosting plan package was a personal choice but not needed to earn money online.  If you would like to practice building a website, you can do so for free using one of these free website builders.  WixWeebly, and Webstarts.  This website was built using the Webstarts website builder.

As I became more confident creating and embedding Adsense and Chitika Ads ​​to my websites and blogs, I joined more Affiliate programs.  The are literally thousands of free to join Affiliate opportunities available online but it would be impossible to join them all.  As I continued to push forward each day a few companies contacted me to ask if I would consider joining their Affiliate program.  I looked into it, liked what I saw, accepted their proposal then started to build on it.  I'm a successful Amazon Associate, Linkshare Affiliate, Share-A-Sale Affiliate, Brandcaster Associate, and an ImpactRadius Affiliate in addition to being an Adsense Publisher, YouTube Partner and a Chitika Publisher.  I had to draw the line someplace and this is where I stand right now.  I put into place a solid online foundation to work on for many future years to come.  I set myself up to succeed.  I set myself up to become successful and financially secure.  I've become an entrepreneur who has created a job of their own.  The more money I earn gives me more money to spend and that helps build a stronger economy.

One of the best perks to building a successful Internet Business ​​is that there is never a dead end.  The opportunities are endless.  As long as the Internet is around and technology continues to evolve, I'll always have a job to do.

There are Search Engine Optimization Techniques to put to practice when writing articles, blogs or creating websites.  Titles, keywords, backlinking with relevancy, adding images and videos does help with SEO.
Click Here to learn more about how to better optimize your articles, blogs and websites.

You can submit your website's URL manually to the major search engines for free.  There are billions of URLs throughout the web and it's not possible for the search engines to find all of them.  They offer the free service for a reason so Click Here to view a free list of search engines to submit a URL.
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
Writing articles online using Revenue Sharing Website Platforms allow people to earn income the free way but keep in mind that each Revenue Sharing Website Platform work differently.

There are Revenue Sharing Websites that let you generate revenue with the Adsense Publisher Program.  You simply submit your Publisher ID into a field within your Account Settings and the Revenue Sharing Websites embed Adsense ads onto your articles.  You concentrate writing interesting informative content and the Revenue Sharing Websites takes care of the rest.  Examples of Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites are Hubpages, Infobarral,
just to name a couple but some of these Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites let you earn multiple streams of income at the same time.

How do you earn multiple streams of income writing at one Revenue Sharing Website?
I too use the Hubpage Platform.  Hubpages offer their members an opportunity to generate income with the Adsense Program, Hubpages Payment Program, Amazon and Ebay. You submit your Adsense Publisher ID, Amazon ID and Ebay ID into your Account Settings, write articles and Hubpages places Adsense and Hubpage ads throughout your articles content. To earn commission with Amazon and Ebay, you simply add a capsule to your articles. With the Hubpage program Hubpages pays you through PayPal.  If you earn Adsense revenue you get paid from Adsense.  If you earn commission with Amazon or Ebay, they pay you directly.  This might sound like a lot to absorb but writing articles using the Hubpage Platform and taking that first step to start writing to learn how easy it is to generate income writing articles online is what you need to do to reach your goal.  I too was a beginner but I continued to go through the motions and now I'm someone who writes good content and understands I can work a few hours a day to generate income that eventually turns into residual income.
Each time I continue to push forward I learn something new, get better at what do and acquire a new skill that takes me to a higher level.

The Internet is here to stay and technology continues to make accessing the Internet easy.  People can access the Internet from desktop and laptop computers of course, mobile devices too and now people have the ability to access the web vis a television set.  Streaming television devices and Smart TV sets continue to become more popular.

Because of technology moving rapidly forward, I decided to jump in the game of television marketing.  There are programs available to the public to develop TV channels to market their businesses on television.

If you would to learn how I developed a Roku TV Channel to market an online business you can do so by reading my story.


People write articles using Revenue Sharing Website platforms for the opportunity to earn extra income online but miss an important part of the equation.  Taking the time to create an informative profile with solid content to introduce yourself can be used as a powerful free advertising tool.  Your profile should be used as an advertising tool to promote who you are and what you're all about.  Most Revenue Sharing Website platforms allow you to create live links within your profile's content to link your blogs, websites and videos.

Revenue Sharing Websites have thousands of active members browsing platforms and using the profile section to make a great impression can help you direct traffic to your blog, website and videos.
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Update 10/5/2013

Hello visitors.  Thank you for stopping by.

I'm here to give an update about two Revenue Sharing Websites I've used in the past couple of years.  Because time is money, I felt it was time to reevaluate what website platforms I will continue to use to push forward to expand my business.

The first change I made was to discontinue using the Bubblews platform to write articles to earn income.  When I joined Bubblews my experience was pretty good but as time went on I watched bubblews go down hill in my opinion.  Members of Bubblews posting complaints all the time and the complaint that received the most posts was Bubblews not paying members when they generated revenue.  I took down all of my Bubblews articles, saved them to my computer and in an email folder and will soon re-upload all the content I took down to my articles, blogs and websites.  It did take time to take down all of my Bubblews articles but I did it because Bubblews stopped paying me but they continued to generate income using my content.  Not right, not fair and decided to take action to move forward without Bubblews.  I feel better moving forward without them.

The second change I made was to stop using the Redgage platform to write articles, upload videos and images.  I hung in there a long time but now I feel it's time to move on.  I did get paid many times from them and had fun using their platform.  Redgage always worked slow on my end and I got use to it but now I need to push forward with faster platforms and services.  I can not waste time hoping a platform or service will work smoothly.  I'm not going to take down any work or close my account but I will not waste time signing in or referring people using my Referral link instead I'll keep an ear or eye out if they ever come back to life.

Another Revenue Sharing Website I gave up on is Bukisa.  The last I heard was they no longer split the revenue generated.  This is another website I enjoyed very much and was hoping they would eventually get bigger and better building a free opportunity for people to write and earn but they did not make it.  I will not close my account because I did enjoy them and hope that they come back strong in the future.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope my updates help you save time and energy.  Have a great day.

Attention!  Stuff To Know.

Redgage and Bubblews are both going through growing pains.  At the start of Summer 2013 Redgage started to update their platform to become bigger and better.  It takes time to update platforms and servers.  Updating platforms and servers is not an easy undertaking.  Bubblews has had many ups and downs to but their platform is still up and running on the web.  Bubblews is still updating what they need to update and doing their best to weed out the cheats.  Many members have claimed not getting paid by bubblews but there are members like me who have been paid.  I will not give up on bubblews just yet.

I felt I should share this information because I don't want any newbies to get discouraged and to be misled.  There are many people on the web that bad-mouth websites because they did not follow the rules and guidelines and there are also people who try to cheat the system everyday.

If the above content sounds a bit confusing and intimidating, I suggest getting your feet wet joining the two Revenue Sharing Websites listed below.

In my opinion bubblews and Redgage are both beginner-friendly stepping stones for anyone who desires to learn how to create residual income online the free way.  You won't earn hundreds of dollars over night but you will gradually start to generate steady residual monthly extra income without the worry of applying to Publisher Programs and waiting weeks to hear if you're approved.  You simply join for free, start to write, follow and watch what other active members are doing to generate extra residual income.  As time goes on you will understand more, become more confident and eventually be ready to join popular Publisher Programs like Adsense, Chitika and Infolinks.

If you enjoy posting pictures and videos to Facebook, you should join Redgage.  I love Redgage.  It took me time to understand how their platform works but over time I became more confident.  When I take a picture of something that does not have people in it, I upload it to Redgage then post the Redgage link onto my Facebook Wall, Tweet it to my Twitter account and post it to my Pinterest account.  I advertise occasionally and it helps me generate revenue faster.  Redgage pays it's members with a Redgage Visa Debit Card and when I reach the minimum payout, I request the money to be transferred to my Redgage Visa Debit Card.  Within 72 hours I can spend the money transferred to my Redgage Visa Debit Card.

Of course I enjoy sharing pictures and videos to earn extra income but I enjoy writing content to earn income too.  If you find writing more interesting, you should consider joining bubblewsBubblews have very STRICT RULES AND GUIDELINES but once you understand what they expect from their members, you will be on your way to earning good extra steady residual income.  Bubblews pays me through PayPal and that works for me.

If you are eager to get started, click the links below to join for free.
Redgage     -     Bubblews
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Here is an example to help you understand. I write articles at Infobarrel and Infobarrel offers its members a free opportunity to earn multiple streams of income. You can earn income with the Infobarrel Payment Program, Adsense Publisher Program, and with Amazon. All I do is submit my Publisher ID or Username into my Account Settings, I write articles and Infobarrel does the work of embedding ads throughout my articles content. There is no need to know HTML or JavaScript codes to have ads placed into your articles.
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The first YouTube channel opened was to share how I started to earn revenue with the Adsense program. The HomeBaseIncome101 YouTube channel talks about how I started an Internet Writing Business. I speak about Revenue Sharing Websites, creating blogs, developing websites, free Internet Marketing resources and Search Engine Optimization techniques.

InternetEducation101 is the second Youtube channel I opened. I recorded videos to help people learn how to use free Internet Marketing resources. The video clips give a visual to show how to navigate throughout website platforms and how to advertise online for free. Watching videos can help speed up the learning curve that beginners need to overcome. I had to get through the learning curve too and now people consider me to be an Internet guru. Yeah!

Blogger can help you expand your online presence, it's free and it allows their users to earn Adsense revenue too.

Learn how to use the Blogger Blog Platform

Google Search Engine in Blogger - Don't lose money.
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In January 2009 I started to write online in the hopes of generating revenue.  I joined Revenue Sharing Websites who offered a free opportunity to use their platform to write articles and the Revenue Sharing Websites would automatically embed Advertiser Ads supplied by Adsense.  I didn't need to know how to write HTML (Hyper Tech Markup Language) or JavaScript (JS - a Interpreted Computer Programing Language) codes.  I focused writing content then focused on marketing and if a visitor clicked on an ad I would receive a cut of the generated revenue.  Article writing truly is a wonderful free opportunity for people to earn extra income online.

As you continue to read you will learn that I blog and develop websites too but I still use two Revenue Sharing Websites to write articles.  Of course there is a lot of extra work involved when you develop something from nothing but then there are days when I just want to write without all the added responsibility of manually creating and embedding ads into my HTML codes.​​  Infobarrel and Hubpages are the two Revenue Sharing Websites I use to date and will continue to use for years to come.​​

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