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​In the English language there are words that sound the same, hold different meaning and are spelt differently.  For people trying to learn the English language they can easily get confused but with the help of Internet English speaking dictionaries and translators, there are many free resources and tools available to help people learn.
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A hardcover/paperback dictionary is still a useful tool in a modern technology world but what a dictionary book can not offer is sound where as an Internet dictionary supplies the spelling, meaning and sound to learn how to say a word properly.

I've been a online content online writer for many years and when I started writing I always had a dictionary and a thesaurus ​​by my side. I used both reference books daily until one day my mother mentioned to me that there was an online talking dictionary and thesaurus.  I checked it out and now I use the Internet dictionary and thesaurus all the time.  Before I start to write I open a browser tab to dictionary.reference.com to have fast easy access.  Writing all the time helped me become a better speller, broadened my vocabulary and has verbally helped me learn how to properly pronounce words.
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An Oxford hardcover Thesaurus & a paperback Oxford American Dictionary.
I used these two references for years.​
The online Dictionary.reference.com offers a Thesaurus, Word Dynamo, Quotes, Reference, Translator and a Spanish section.
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Oxford Desk Thesaurus Oxford American Dictionary Dictionary.reference.com
Dictionary.com is not only about looking up a words spelling, meaning and pronunciation, Dictionary.com post Word Of The Day, fun facts like The Misspelling Of The Year, Word Dynamo Crosswords, Daily Crossword, Word GamesTidbits Of History, and a lot more. If you enjoy challenging your mind then you should enjoy visiting Dictionary.com.

Dictionary.com also offer tons of helpful suggestions of free information like how to write better cover letters, ​​how to choose a college essay topic, what is a thesis statement to how to write a good thank-you note.

You will also find information about Suddenly Popular words that are receiving lots of Search Engine inquiries to how many synonyms a word has.  Interesting stuff to stimulate your intellect.

As a content writer I found myself using the same words over and over again​​ especially when I started to write online.  In the beginning of my writing career I used the Thesaurus all the time to help me think outside of my box and as time went on I noticed my vocabulary broadened naturally and found myself using the Thesaurus less.  Just like with anything else the more you do it the better you get.

​​Dictionary.com has a Translator filled with an extensive lists of languages to translate.

The Translator also lists 750,000 English-Spanish dictionary entries, which include definitions, example sentences, synonyms, and audio pronunciations.  Of course there is are lists of Basic Phrases, Travel Words and Phrases and Food and Restaurant Phrases.


There is another free online talking dictionary of English Pronunciation and it's called howjsay.com.  The howjsay.com website uses Instant Sound to produce the pronunciation of English words.

Fonetiks.com is a website filled with Instant sound pronunciation samples by over 40 native speakers​​.  Foniks.org, dictationsonline.com, sasdit.com, spokenenglish.org, shiporsheep.com, and Ininglese.com just to name a few.

​​Another dictionary free resource is merriam-webster.com. I appreciate learning what the Most Popular looked up words are and merriam-webster.com lists the most frequently looked up words on this site.  Because I'm an article writer, blogger and website developer, I find the topic of most frequently searched for words to be an interesting topic and it's because the list gives me topics to write about.  At merriam-webster.com you will find categories of Special Feature , Word of the Day, Quizzes, and Seen & Heard.  Merriam-webster.com run other dictionaries too.  The Visual Dictionary, Learner's ESL Dictionary, Word Central For Kids, Spanish Central, and Webster's Unbridged Dictionary.

The FreeDictionary.com is another extensive information website.​  FreeDictionary.com has it all.  The list goes beyond the list shared here.  It has English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Medical, Legal, and Financial Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Idioms, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one!  You can create a customize homepage at FreeDictionary.com too.

OneLook.com is a dictionary search where you can look up words and phrases but also patterns.  Yup, OneLook.com offer their own uniqueness of doing a search with patterns.  You can also do an Advanced search of Wildcards and Reverse dictionary which you type in a descriptive content to receive a list of word results.

Of course there are hundreds more of dictionaries and references available on the web but the handful I list on this webpage are the websites I use.  I'm an online writer, website developer, and blogger who appreciates easy access to references that make my job easier​​ so I decided it would be a good idea to develop a webpage to give Shout Outs to my favorites.  I hope you enjoy the list.
​Thanks for visiting.

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