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W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
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The webpage topic speaks about Publisher Programs such as Adsense and Chitika and about using free tools available on the web.  The information might be of interest to you as a growing webmaster and an Internet Entrepreneur.
The information found on this webpage can help you expand your Internet Business without having to pay out of pocket.  
Browsing through thousands of resources can become overwhelming while starting to build a website foundation but learning some basics from people who created something from nothing can help you reach your goal faster.
Don't stay intimidated.  Continue to practice to learn how to create Adsense Ads manually and Adsense Custom Search Engines manually.

Adsense Custom Search Engine​
Create Adsense Custom Channels​​
You decided what topic your website will speak about and you have a lot of content spread throughout your website and now you want to add Pay Per Click Publisher Ads.  The next step is to learn how to manually create a code to place that code into your website builder HTML.  Don't sweat it if you have no idea how to do it.  I recorded videos to help people learn how easy it is to manually create a code to place into a website's HTML code.

Create Adsense Ad Code Manually Video

InternetEducation101 YouTube Channel


  How I Became A Youtube Partner Video
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

YouTube is owned by google and YouTube has it's own money earning program called the YouTube Partnership Program. Not only can you earn Adsense revenue from placing Adsense ads throughout your website you can also start a YouTube channel and have Adsense ads either before, overlaid and on the side of your videos.
On 9/9/11 I was accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program.  Youtube contacted me to ask if I would like to join the Youtube Partnership Program.  Of course I accepted.

I use YouTube to advertise my website too.  I post updates to my comment section, have my website URL posted in my profile, advertise my Domain Name in the background of my channel, and in the description of the video I show a URL.

Before you begin your journey of creating a website, ask yourself what the main subject/niche of the website will be. For example, this website speaks about how to earn money online using free resources available on the web such as writing articles using free to join revenue sharing website platforms, creating free blogs, free websites, using pay per click publisher networks to earn money, free advertising tools such as search engine optimization and Internet Marketing methods, free banner and image creators and so on.  The topic speaks about Internet stuff for growing webmasters.  Any free resource I find online and use myself, I promote it here and doing this gave me a topic to write about that I enjoy.  Years of research and hard work starts to pay off.
Creating a website to generate income online does not happen over night.  Don't beat yourself up when obstacles occur.  Take it day-by-day or week-by-week and do a little bit at a time.  Enjoy the experience and keep the main goal in focus.  You're creating a presence on the web for years to come and creating a solid foundation of residual income.

A tid-bit of Adsense information

Allow & Block Ads

Sign in to your adsense account then click on Allow & Block Ads.  You have the option to block Advertiser URLs, General Categories, Sensitive Ads and Ad Networks.  I do this because I don't want ads that earn me nothing or very little taking up real-estate space on my websites and blogs.

W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
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W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
The Adwords Keyword Planner

​The Google Keyword Tool has changed. In order to use the Google Keyword Tool you will need to create an Adwords account. There is no charge to create an Adword account but in order to use it Google wants you to create an account. Of course it's in the hopes of future sales but they are a business that does offer a lot of free.

Soon the Keyword Tool External will disappear and it will be replaced with the Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner works the same way as the Keyword Tool. If you appreciate using a free tool to help decide using the best fitting keywords and phrases create an Adwords account for free.

The Google Keyword Tools will continue to be free BUT you will need to create an Adwords account in order to use the free service.  Just like any other business Google is trying their best to vamp up future business so in order to use the free services below, you will need to open an Adword account.​​

​​Google offers two free keyword tools to webmasters who want to compare keywords and phrases.  It's free and using the Google Keyword Tool External and Sandbox can help you with choose the best fitting keywords or phrases for writing your articles, blogs and websites.

There is a reason why I type out the URLs to the free Google Keyword Tool External and Sandbox.  If I created only a link to the two free tools, you would be brought to the tools but you would not be able to view the URL.  When you visit the two tools you will understand what I mean.

Google Sandbox:

Google Keyword Tool External:

W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

Google Adsense Analytics

Using Google Adsense Analytics will help you analyze your articles, blogs and websites traffic and marketing effectiveness.  Adsense Analytics if a free statistics tool available to Adsense Publishers who want to learn where their traffic comes from, how many visitors they receive, average time of a visitors, bounce rate and so much more.

Sign in to your Adsense account then click on Resources, then click on Webmasters Central, then click on Analytics, then either sign up to create an account or click on Access Analytics, then on the top right of webpage you will see My Analytics Account and in the field it will say Select An Account.  Click on the arrow to click Create New Account.  If you already have an Analytics Account but want to create individual accounts, still follow these steps.  After doing it you will understand why I suggest individual accounts.  Click the Sign Up Button to submit the information.  For this example I am connecting my Squidoo account to my Adsense Analytics.  I submit squidoo.com because the http:// is already populated in the field, then create a name (I created the name Squidoo) choose Country then finally choose Time Zone.  Submit your your name and choose again the Country, click continue, click on YES and finally click Create New Account.

If you are creating an Analytics Account for your website, you will copy and paste the code into the HTML Code of you website OR blog.  If you are creating an Analytics Account to a Revenue Sharing Website (I used Squidoo for this example) you can either copy the Tracking Code directly from the HTML that starts with AU and ends with a number OR you can click on Save and Finish then you can copy the Tracking Code from the Website Profile Page.  Example of Tracking Code UA-00000000-1.

I've come to learn that creating Analytics Accounts also helps Adsense target ads to articles, blogs and websites.  Analytics Accounts help Adsense match Advertisers Ads to fit articles, blogs and websites topics.  I created several Analytics Accounts and I've noticed Advertiser Ads match my content better than they did before and noticed an increase to my revenue without creating individual channels which are very time-consuming to create.

In the Status section, if you see a triangle with an ! mark in it don't sweat it.  Some Analytics are approved immediately and some Analytics take time to be approved.  Eventually you will see a green check in the Status section.

Visit: Google.com/analytics
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

Adsense Authorized Sites

Sign in to your Adsense Account, click on Account Settings, scroll down to view the Access and Authorization section and click on edit.  Here is where you authorize specific URLs to use your Google Ad Code.  Any URLs that you don't authorize will still show ads, report clicks and page views but you will not generate revenue from them.  Use this feature as a precaution if you are concerned about malicious use of your Ad Code.

For example, I write articles using Revenue Sharing Website Platforms so in my Access and Authorized section within my Adsense Account I have Infobarrel.com, Hubpages.com and WebmastersUltimateResources.com just to name a few.

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W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
The Chitika Publisher Program Works Too.

I enjoy and appreciate the Adsense Publisher Program but the Adsense Publisher Program is not the only Free-To-Join Publisher Program available on the web.

If you're an experienced Adsense Publisher I would have to think that you are familiar with all the rules and policies Adsense has in place.  It can be intimidating at first especially if you have no experience generating revenue using Publisher Programs.  When I became an Adsense Publisher all I did was worry if I was breaking the rules of Adsense.  Of course I learned along the way but I finally got over my fear.  The Adsense rules do help Advertisers to not waste money competing for advertising space on an article, blog or website.

Chitika allows me to advertise my articles, blogs and websites that have Chitika Ads on them using free forms of advertising.  Chitika Publishers do not earn revenue by CPM which means "cost per 1000 impressions" and because Publishers don't earn revenue with CPM Chitika Publishers can use Safelists to promote a blog, article or website showing Chitika Ads on them.

I wrote this question to the Chitika Help Support to confirm.
Is it allowed to have Chitika Ads on a website that gets promoted using Safelist Internet Marketing?
Do Chitika Publishers earn revenue from impressions too?

Chitika Support:
Hi Michelle,
That should be okay. As long as it does not violate our other terms and conditions found here: http://chitika.com/mm_terms.php?application=true
At this time, we only pay per click not based on CPM.
You are okay to start using ads on any site that you own as well. :)

I was pleased to hear that it was allowed to use Safelists as a form of free advertising because using Safelists as a form of free advertising helps me reach a target audience of people who want to learn how to earn money online using free resources available on the web.

If you have not given Chitika a try you should.  Chitika sends me payments directly to my PayPal account and then I transfer the Chitika payment from my PayPal account directly to my Savings account.

Chitika and Adsense work well together.

Having Adsense and Chitiak Ads on the same blog or websites is allowed.  Using both Publisher Programs on the same blog or website page in my opinion increases the odds of earning revenue.  Using both Publisher Programs helps you NOT to put ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.  Implementing diversity is wise in general but it also helps you to create multiple streams of residual income using free resources available on the web.

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I recorded a video showing how to embed a video into a websites HTML.  The video shows exactly where to get the videos HTML code, how to adjust the size of the video clip and how to embed the HTML code into a websites HTML.  You simple copy and paste and you're done.
W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e
Adsense Targetable Custom Channels

In order to get Adsense Advertisers to bid on your website real-estate space, you need to learn how to create Adsense Targetable Custom Channels.

Adsense Automatically makes a Publishers website available to Advertisers as a placement to target their ads and when advertisers target these types of ad placement their ads may appear anywhere on their website.  When you create a Targetable Custom Channel you decide how to group together specific ad units on your website that you want advertisers to be able to target.  You can group Ad Units into Custom Channels by topic, ad format or location on the website page.

When advertisers search for places to target their ads, they'll see the external name and description you provide when you create the Targetable Custom Channel.  The advertiser can then target ads specifically to your ad placement.

The purpose of creating Targetable Custom Channels is to get Advertisers to bid on your websites real-estate space and the more activity your website shows the higher the Advertisers bids will be and the higher the bids the more Adsense revenue you can earn.

Targetable Custom Channel

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Chitika is free to join that give their Publishers an opportunity to generate residual income.

Chitika Claimed Domains​​

Chitika Highlight Ad​​

Chitika Revenue​​​​

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