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​I've become an expert at many different online activities and felt it would be a fun good idea to show off what I know and who I've become online. I've built an impressionable reputation by building a successful Internet Business from the ground up and by showing people what I do and how I do it.
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January 2009 – Present​
​Article Writer at Revenue Sharing Websites​​
​​We all have to start someplace and I chose to start an Internet Business writing content at Revenue Sharing Websites using their platforms because I did not need to know HTML coding.  I took the leap and started writing then realized how bad I was at writing content.  I didn't lose hope because I understood the possibility of earning money online.  I kept writing and continued to get better.  My spelling, gammer, vocabulary and understanding of how to write articles, upload pictures and video clips guided me to the next level of building a successful Internet Business.  To date I still write articles using Revenue Sharing Website platforms and my two favorites are Infobarrel and Hubpages.  I don't need to use their platforms to write articles because I know how to do it on my own but occasionally I enjoy writing with less work involved.  Sometime you just want to write content without manually creating HTML codes, upload pictures, video clips and the many other tasks involved to create a fabulous something from nothing.  If you have a passion to write to earn steady extra income, start writing at Revenue Sharing Websites.

2009 - Present
Adsense Publisher
I started to write articles to become an Adsense Publisher and I needed to write a few articles at the Hubpage's Revenue Sharing Website before I ​​​​applied to the Adsense Publisher Program.  Hubpages was the first Revenue Sharing Website I joined and sometime during the year 2009 Adsense accepted me into their Publisher program.

2009 - Present
Amazon Associate
I learned about the Amazon Associate program through Hubpages.  Hubpages​​​​ makes it easy to add Amazon products to articles.  I became comfortable adding Amazon products to my Hubpage articles and that led me to add Amazon products to my blogs and websites.  I had no idea what I was doing adding Amazon products to my articles, blogs and websites but becuase I continued to do without worrying if I was doing it right I'm now a proficient Amazon Associate.  I easily add Amazon products to my articles, blogs and websites all the time.

December 2009 - Present
Chitika Publisher
After learning more about the Adsense Publisher Program I came across the Chitika Publisher Program and decided to join.  Chitika Ads worked the same way as Adsense Ads and I learned it was allowed to use Chitika and Adsense Ads on the same webpage or blogs.​​​​ Both free opportunities have been very good to me.

January 2010 - Present
Blogging Using Blogger - FreeWriteRevnueStreams.blogspot.com​​​

​​I started to blog using Blogger by Google.  I use the Blogger platform to write content just like I do when using the Revenue Sharing Website platforms.  The difference between Revenue Sharing Websites and Blogger is that you manually add Adsense Ads to your Blogger Blogs by adding an Adsense Gadget.  When you add Adsense Gadgets to your blog and your blog's visitors click on one of the Adsense Ads you receive the full revenue earned.  You do not have to split the revenue earned.  Why? Because you did more work by manually adding the Adsense Gadget yourself.  No HTML (Hyper Tech Markup Language) coding experience needed but you are taking action of adding Adsense Ads instead of Revenue Sharing Websites adding the Adsense Ads for you.

September 2010 - Present
FreeWriteRevenueStreams Facebook Page
I decided to create a FreeWriteRevenueStream Facebook Page to build up more of a following.  People who have Liked the FreeWriteRevenueStreams Facebook Page receive notifications each time I post a new update.  Facebook Pages offer a See Insight area where you can review a Pages activity by how many people a Post reaches, engagement activity of each Post and how many Likes, Comments and Shares the Post received.  This Facebook Page gradually receives new Likes.

November 2010 - Present
HomeBaseIncome101 YouTube Channel
It was time to expand so I decided to start a YouTube Channel.  I did not know how to record videos or how to upload them to YouTube but through trial and error I learned how to do it.  ​​​​Building a presence on YouTube helped me to build a following and directs traffic to my articles and blogs.  Over time people started watching my video clips and YouTube sent me an email asking me if I would be interested showing ads on my channel.  I replied yes and now when people click on the ads shown on my YouTube channel YouTube sends the revenue the ads generate to my Adsense Account.  I'm an Adsense Publisher so YouTube sends me my cut to my Adsense Account. The HomeBaseIncome101 YouTube Channel has become a miscellaneous channel that I share whatever sparks my interests.

​​​​January 2011 - Present
Writing articles and blogging got me thinking about building a website. I wasn't sure what kind of website I would develop but I felt I was ready for the real thing so I researched and learned that I could start out developing websites for free.​ To make a long story short, I came across Webstarts, created an account, started to play around with the Webstarts website builder and now I'm here. This website became a hub to share how I earn money online, introduce web resources, teach and discus Internet Marketing practices and now expanding its platform describing in detail the journey that led me here. WebmastersUltimateResources.com​​.

June 2011 - Present
InternetEducation101 YouTube Channel​
Because my HomeBaseIncome101 YouTube Channel became my miscellaneous about anything channel, I felt it was time to create a YouTube Channel that spoke about technology and the web.​ The channel mainly speaks about technology, free website resources for website developers, how to use Publisher programs and the most recent topic of discussion has been streaming television devices and TV Revenue Ad Sharing programs. If you want to stay up with the times visit InternetEducation101 YouTube Channel.

​​​​December 2011 - Present
Online Article Writers Facebook Group
Facebook Pages work great to keep Followers up-to-date but Facebook Groups attract active members who participate in Liking, Commenting and Sharing. I run this one Group and enjoy reading the members daily banter. The Group has built into a hefty member base and members learn a lot from me and I learn a lot from them. One of the members gave me the idea of creating a webpage resume for this website. As you can see the advice was good. Online Article Writers Facebook Group

​​​December 2011 - Present​​
HomeBaseIncome Twitter Account
​​​​​​​I'm not sure of the exact date that I opened my first Twitter account but I do remember it was after the start of my WebmastersUltimeResources.com website. I wanted to create a Twitter account to help direct traffic to my website. I soon learned what a powerful marketing resource Twitter is. I built up a good size Following and appreciate the Internet marketing aspect of it.​ HomeBaseIncome Twitter Account

February 2012 - Present
In February 2012 a coupon company contacted me and asked if I would be interested joining their Affiliate program. I first thought why would ​a coupon company want me to join their coupon Affiliate program but after thinking about it the answer hit me. The coupon company obviously saw potential in me. I accepted their invitation to join the Affiliate program and I took off with it. A couple of years ago I did not see myself as a coupon Affiliate but now I'm an Affiliate who uses eCoupons and Internet Coupons all the time to save money when I grocery shop. I continue to build a successful Internet website promoting free-to-print Internet Coupons and eCoupons and each month I continue to expand the LotOfCoupons.com website platform and soon see the website turn into one of the most popular free coupon website and gift store on the web.

​​May 2012 - Present
LotOfCouponsDotCom Facebook Page
Because I built a LotOfCoupons.com website I felt a LotOfCouponsDotCom Facebook Page was in order. I post updates all the time to the LotOfCouponsDotCom Facebook Page and it continues to receive new Likes each month. I post money saving coupon Shout Outs when new Internet and eCoupons become available and I enjoy uploading picture of receipts showing how much money I save each time I grocery shop. Using Internet and eCoupons and sharing money saving ideas is something I enjoy very much.​​

​​​August 2012 - Present
Pinterest HomeBaseIncome
Pinterest came out of nowhere and took the Web by storm. The explosion of its popularity seemed to happen over night.​​ Because of the hundreds of thousands of visitors Pinterest received each week (maybe millions of visitors each week) I had to jump in the game of Pinterest because if I did not create a Pinterest account and build a presence there, I would had lost a lot of new organic and repeated traffic. As of 12/26/2013 I have 39 Boards, 897 Pins and 76 Likes. My main goal using Pinterest is to use it as a form of Internet Marketing using a Backlink technique but of course I'm a Pinterest browser too. Pinterest is smoking hot.

​​2012 - Present
Twitter LotOfCoupons
I'm not sure of the exact date I opened a LotOfCoupons Twitter account but I know it was after developing the LotOfCoupons.com website. Each time I post an update to the LotOfCouponsdotcom Facebook Page I Tweet the updates at the LotOfCoupons Twitter account too.​​ Twitter is great for Social Networking but Twitter can be used as a powerful Internet Marketing tool too.​​​​

May 2013 - Present
Instagram LotOfCoupons
It took me a few months to create an Instagram account after learning about it.​​ I was not sure how to use it as a marketing resource but eventually learned. The pictures I take to upload to Instagram I use a # (hashtag) in front of a word or two and sometimes I include the LotOfCoupons.com Domain. I then Social Share the picture I uploaded. I also embed images onto my websites using the iframe code automatically generated for Instagram images.

March 2013 - Present
Google + Accounts
Google transformed their platform by connecting everything Google to a Google + button. I sign into my YouTube channels and all I have to do is click a link ​under Google account to be brought to my Google +. People comment on YouTube videos and it shows in their Google + and visa versa. I sign into my Gmail account and all I have to do is click on the Google + link and I'm brought to my Google +. My website visitors can click on the Google + and link to me. I run three Google + accounts. I have two Google + accounts linked to each of my YouTube Channels and I have a Google + account linked to my Adsense Gmail account.​​
InternetEducation101 Google +​ - HomeBaseIncome101 Google + - Adsense/Gmail Google +

2013 - Present
Twitter ForwardingNews
Sometime during 2013 I decided to create one more Twitter account and I did so to keep up with the news. I mainly use the ForwardingNews Twitter account to keep up-to-date with the news and television shows and movies. Of course I use it to Internet Market too.​​​​​​

2013 - Present
LinkedIn Professional Profile
During 2013 I focused learning how to use and navigate through LinkedIn. It took me years to figure it all out but for the most part I understand how to use it. I do have a Link​​​​edIn Professional Profile that I update occasionally and I use Linkedin to to share updates.

​​June 2013 - Present
InstantTVChannel LotOfCoupons Account
New technology brings about new opportunities and when I learned about the InstantTVChannel program I jumped on it. The InstantTVChannel program makes it possible to develop a Roku TV Channel​​ without the need to learn Brightcove coding. In June 2013 I created an InstantTVChannel account and studied how to use the program to develop a Roku TV Channel. I studied and practiced for six weeks to get a basic channel up and running. I'm thankful to Programers who develop programs for Internet entrepreneurs like myself to use.

July 2013 - Present
LotOfCoupons.com Roku TV Channel
On July 31, 2013 the LotOfCoupons.com Roku TV Channel I developed using the InstantTVChannel program got accepted by Roku. Anyone can build a Private Roku TV Channel but I developed a Public Channel and I did so for my LotOfCoupons.com Roku TV Channel to get listed in the Roku TV Channel Store. The benefit of having a Public Roku TV Channel is to have a channel indexed publicly in a targeted category in the Roku TV Channel Store. This hugely increases the chance of millions of Roku TV viewers to find your channel. Originally I developed my LotOfCoupons.com channel to promote the LotOfCoupons.com website but then it evolved into so much more and I will continue to upload video content for years to come.​​​​

​​​​​December 2013 - Present

During the last weeks of 2013 I connected with a song writer/music artist who started up Browneden Enterprises.  We communicated online a few times then spoke on the phone and after speaking on the phone Michael Browneden hired me as his full-time Internet Marketer.  He hired me to turn his unknown Alternative Hip Hop Rapper Darren Flame into the next most popular Alternative Hip Hop Artist and that is exactly what I plan to do.  I look forward building a name for myself ​​by helping someone else achieve the goals they set for themselves. I believe this ride is going to be a lot of fun.  I'm looking forward to seeing how far we all can go.

The Objective?  To better my future financial security and to help others do the same.

The 21ST Century introduced new technology ​​and new technology created new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.  The ease of usability that technology has brought to the general public has given people the opportunity to tap into fields of business otherwise unattainable.

In the tail end of the first decade of the 21ST Century, I noticed dozens of new opportunities popping up everywhere online.  My hobby of writing articles at Revenue Sharing Websites to earn extra income led me to many other ground floor opportunities.  My hobby of writing has changed the course of my life and how I now earn a living.  Technology has given me a new found passion and is leading me to a secure financial future.

Traditional resumes usually list the most recent jobs first ​​but I decided to start the list with the oldest job first to the most recent projects. Reading the posts listed below will show you how it is possible to build a successful Internet Business from the ground up.
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Resume Success Graph
Most people believe when they have a great idea that if they keep plugging away working and pushing forward that success will happen in a direct path to the top.
In reality building a successful business has its ups and downs over the course of many years. Dealing with constant highs and lows is just par for the course.
Successful Business Building
There have been many other websites I've joined and used but then decided not to use them for one reason or another.  The list above shares my story of what works for me.  It took me years to put together a plan of action that I will follow for years to come and as time goes on and I continue to evolve, I will update the information.

If you notice after each start date I use the word Present.  Present means I still use all I list above whether it be daily, weekly or monthly.  Sometimes people join programs or open accounts but then don't do anything with them.  There have been programs I joined but did not work well for me so I took the time to close those accounts and focused my energy using programs that worked for me.

Thanks for visiting the WebmastersUltimateResources.com website and hope you enjoyed reading my path to online success.​​
2004 - Present
LinkShare​ Affiliate Program
I was accepted into the LinkShare Affiliate Program in 2004.  When I joined I had no idea what to do but I made a few sales in the first few years of promoting their Advertiser products and services.  I did not use LinkShare for a lot of years but then one day using LinkShare made sense again.  All of a sudden I understood what I needed to do to sell LinkShare Advertiser products and services and now there is no looking back. I sell LinkShare Advertiser products and services all the time.

​I grew up in a computer free generation.  The first computer I owned was a gift from my parents in or about the year 2002.  It was a Christmas gift and it took me six months before I opened the box to set it up.  When they gave me the computer I looked at it and asked them why in the world did they get me a computer for a Christmas gift.  My parents kept up with the times and felt that I would benefit having a computer of my own.  I don't believe my parents predicted me turning into an Internet entrepreneur but I'm thankful they felt I should have access to up-to-date technology.  It amazes me how far I've come in less than fifteen years.  Originally I disliked computers but then I went through a decade of catching up with the 21ST century change of the times.  With the help of my parents I set myself up to eventually become financial secure by joining ground floor opportunities that I will work to build on for decades to come.

In 2008 my mother bought me a Dell Laptop computer with Vista to replace the computer that my parents bought me in 2002 and in 2011 my mother bought ​​me an Apple Desktop.  My set up is good and look forward to using the amazing technology to expand my online presence and to accrue daily residual income faster.

Roku TV Channel Developers

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Darren Flame White Boy On Fire - Browneden Enterprises Darren Flame White Boy On Fire - Browneden Enterprises