Roku TV Channel Developers
Welcome!  The future of advertising has been formed and the platform is ready to go.  Internet marketing has branched out to reach a wider audience largely due to the expansion of Smartphones, mobile devices, streaming television devices, game consoles, and smart TVs. With more platforms available for people to watch television traditional commercial advertising is slowly declining.
On May 11, 2013 at 6:10:45 PM I decided to buy a Roku streaming television device.  I had my fill of continuous rising cable television prices.  I don't watch that much TV but every few month I noticed an increase to my TV cable bill.  I decided to cut the cord from being overly charged just to watch television.

C​utting the cord from cable ​​made me feel free.  I was so pleased I finally made the switch to affordable television.  I created an Aereo account and in order to watch live television on my brand new Vizio TV, I had to buy an Internet Protocol Television System Operator device and the device I chose was the Roku.

I enjoy the Roku very much.  The endless free movies, TV shows and documentaries ​​will keep me entertained for a lot of years to come.  I also enjoy watching Roku TV Channels developed by ordinary people sharing their interests and hobbies.  In my opinion watching Roku TV Channels developed by ordinary people is like watching YouTube on the TV and I love it.
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What is Aereo TV?  Aereo is new in town.  It's a very affordable remote television service that is branching out to the states at a rapid pace. All you have to do is create an online account and you are on your way to watching live TV.  If you don't own a TV set you can watch Aereo live television on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.  If you want to set up Aereo to work on a television set, you will have to buy a Roku device or a product like Roku to stream the live TV on a television set.  Aereo's backbone is REMOTE and that means there are no boxes or wires to hook up to use Aereo.  You simply sign into your Aereo account and start watching TV.  It is that simple.

​​OK!  I made the switch and adjusted to the new way to watch television and I grew to like it too and I liked it even more when I realized I could watch Roku TV Channels that were developed by ordinary people.  There are so many Roku TV Channels listed in the Channel Store and new channels are added daily.  As I continued to watch Roku TV Channels I noticed that commercial ads aired on channels and not just on the movie channels but on channels developed by people just like me.  I was intrigued so I grabbed my iPad and started searching online to learn how people developed a Roku TV Channel.  Because I'm a YouTube Partner I considered it YouTube on TV. After researching for hours I came across a Roku Forum that listed programs available to develop a Roku TV Channel.  The InstantTVChannel program caught my attention.  I visited the InstantTVChannel website, read all night and called the company the next morning to learn what steps I needed to take to start the process of developing a Roku TV channel of my own.

I knew I had a huge challenge ahead of me but I knew the moment I realized I could develop a Roku TV Channel of my own that I wanted to upload video content to promote my websites and Internet business opportunities.  ​​It was frustrating learning a new language and new skills but I was determined to achieve the goal I set for myself of running my very own Roku TV Channel.  I saw a huge window of opportunity to target an untapped audience of new visitors to increase my website and YouTube channel traffic and to recruit new referrals.  It amazed me that I was able to get my online world in front of millions of Roku TV viewers.

The day I created an InstantTVChannel ​​account I understood I needed to open a Commercial Channel to get my Roku TV Channel listed as a Public channel in the Roku TV Channel Store.  I went straight for the top and I have not looked back.  I love the fact that millions of Roku TV viewers browse everyday through the Roku Channel Store.  The chances increase that Roku TV viewers will come across my Roku TV Channel Poster listed in the Roku TV Channel Store.  Yeah!  My channel Poster (banner) is listed in the Roku website too.

I'm not a natural computer guru but I was determined to learn what I needed to learn and now I'm very good at what I do.  I still have a lot to learn but eventually all the tasks will become second nature.​​  I don't write the Brightcove code to upload content to my Roku TV Channel because I use the InstantTVChannel Program.  The InstantTVChannel Program gives non-programers the ability to develop their own Roku TV Channel. There are lots of steps to follow but following steps is a lot easier compared to learning and writing code.

Difficulty in Comparison - Adsense Publisher Program compared to developing a Roku TV Channel

Learning how to create Adsense Custom Search Engines, Adsense Ads and Link Units and creating Targetable Adsense Ads was the hardest thing I ever had to learn online but compared to learning how to develop a Roku TV Channel, learning Adsense was a breeze.  It took me a dedicated six weeks of reading, fifteen consecutive business days asking programers questions, learning how to develop my own Posters, how to convert videos into a mp4 format and how to choose which TV Channel style to use was just the beginning.  I'm still learning how to develop a better channel.  I had to focus and work hard to learn but it was worth it and I will continue to do to get better.  I still have a long way to go.

​I was introduced to the Vidillion Ad Share opportunity by one of the InstantTVChannel programers that trained me. I was searching for a company that would accept me into their Ad Share program but the company I came across only accepted Roku TV Channels that received hundreds of thousands of viewers a month and as of now (12/23/2103) my channel receives about a 100 views a day. The programer sent me an email with the persons name and contact information, I emailed Mr. Nugent, Mr. Nugent asked me a few questions, described how the process worked and accepted me into the Vidillion Ad Share opportunity. I was thrilled. I had to fill out a contract, fill out some basic forms describing my channel and Vidillion sent me the TAGS (URLs) I needed to submit into the InstantTVChannel program for commercial ads to rotate throughout my channel.

Just like with anything else I do online, I had to make the time to learn to understand how to get commercial ads rotating throughout my channel. It took me a few days of reading, learning then going through the motions to truly understand what I was doing .​​ As I learned and pushed forward, I decided to record Youtube video clips to upload to my InternetEducation101 YouTube channel.

I've uploaded video clips introducing the Roku TV device, Aereo, InstantTVChannel and Vidillion.​​

The video clips listed below begin with the earliest videos. The videos start with the introduction of the Roku device. I was thrilled I took the leap to cut the cord from overpriced cable. The videos then introduce Aereo TV service showing how the service continued to evolve. As time went on I uploaded videos showing how I used and still use the InstantTVChannel then uploaded video clips showing how to set up Vidillion ads to rotate throughout my channel. I hope you find the video clips helpful.
Roku TV Channel Developers
Most people know that ISPs (Internet Service Provider) connect them to the Internet and the ISP makes it possible for VSPs (Video Service Provider) to show videos and video ads.  The next level is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) system operators that deliver content to Internet connected devices.

​​A company has developed a secure CDN (Content Delivery Network) built exclusively for streaming video to ANY Internet connected device and the company is called Vidillion.  Vidillion's TotalStream low latency delivers content super fast by finding the shortest path.

Now you're familiar with what is now and what is to come when speaking about future advertising practices.  Vidillion has created a one stream URL (Universal Resource Locator) capability for video ads to be delivered to ANY Internet connected device.

If you're an Internet marketing extremist like me, you are probably eager to learn more about using Vidillion either as an advertising method OR you are hungry to learn how to generate residual income showing commercial ads on your Roku TV Channel BUT before I share how to do it, let me tell you how I learned about Vidillion and how I became a Vidillion Publisher who shares in the ad revenue.

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Roku & Aereo

​​1ST Roku TV Video Clip

Inside View Of Roku Channel Store​

Adding A Roku TV Channel​​

Approved TV Channel Gone Public​​

​​1St Aereo Video Clip

​​Aereo Watch TV Anywhere

Live Broadcast Television​​

Aereo Freedom TV​​

Aereo Explained In Detail​​

Aereo TV on iPad​​​​

Watch Live Aereo TV​​


​​Updating Electronic Devices Saves Me A Lot Of Money​​
Roku TV Channel Developing Using
The InstantTVChannel Program​

1ST InstantTVChannel Run

Manual Update in Settings​​

Roku Developer Test Drive​​

1ST Inside View Of InstantTVChannel​

InstantTVChannel Video & Audio​​

Text Paragraphing

Banner Ad Rotation In InstantTVChannel​​

Develop Roku TV Channel​​

InstantTVChannel OverHang​​

InstantTVChannel Sub Categories

InstantTVChannel Poster Category​​

InstantTVChannel Help​​

InstantTVChannel & Vidillion

1ST Public Long Island, New York Roku TV Channel​​ Accepted Into Vidillion

Earn Roku TV Channel Revenue​
Roku TV Channel Revenue​

Vidillion Ads On Roku​​

Vidillion Ads Showing On My Channel​

Vidillion Advertising Program​

Vidillion VidTizer Ad Service​​

Vidillion InstantTVChannel Integration Guide

InstantTVChannel Commercial Ads​

Roku TV Channel

If you're a developer of a Public or Private Roku TV Channel and would like to cross advertise, please fill in the information below. I'm developing a section in my Public Roku TV channel dedicated to give Roku TV Channels a Shout Out. I promote your channel on my channel and in return you promote my channel on your channel.
I look forward to meeting many Roku TV Channel developers.

Michelle Cesare​​
Roku TV Channel Developers

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