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    W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
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Attention Adsense Publishers!

Using certain free advertising tools is against Adsense Policy.  DO NOT use these free advertising tools to promote any URL that has Adsense Ads on them.  The same holds true if you're a YouTube Partner.  DO NOT promote any YouTube video URL when using these free advertising tools.
Adsense will close you down.

There are specific advertising tools that you can use for free to put your advertising on autopilot. A set it and forget it method of free Internet marketing. The more automated advertising you put into place will help increase traffic activity gradually over time.

If you like to promote your Facebook Groups and Pages, Twitter accounts, Google +, Pinterest and Linkedin Professional Profile, the free advertising tools work great to promote the URLs.

Free Internet marketing tools work great to promote Referral Links.  As long as there are no Adsense ads showing on your Referral Links using free advertising tools ​​can help you recruit.

I have the advertising tools visibly working on blogs and websites that do have Adsense Ads on them but I DO NOT set up any blog or website showing Adsense Ads to run automatically in the free advertising tool systems.

Never promote any URL that shows Adsense Ads.​​

Listed are three free advertising tools that has put my advertising on Auto-Pilot over night. At the top of this webpage you can see a HeaderAd, at the bottom you can see a SlideUpAd and to the right you can see a HoveringAd. I simply embed a code into the website builder HTML code and when this webpage receives a visit I earn credits.  I then use the credits earned to promote my Affiliate/Referral links for my ads to get rotated on other members websites, blogs or articles.  The advertisements I have set up to run in the free advertising tool systems receive free exposure after I set it and forget it. My ads automatically get advertised each time I accrue enough credits.

Watching videos and going through the motions to learn how to easily embed automatic advertising over time will gradually increase traffic.  Auto set Internet marketing eventually will show its value.


InternetEducation101 Instructional Videos

Above I speak about three specific free advertising tools I use to put my Internet marketing on Auto-Pilot. HeaderAds, SlideUpAds and HoveringAds. As I continue to expand my Internet Business I've come across two additional free advertising tools that also put my Internet marketing on Auto-Pilot and noticed an increase to my Affiliate/Referral links. Again, a set it and forget it method of free Internet marketing.  ExitPollAds and ThankYouAds.

Click here for ExitPollAds

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 W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
  W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s

  W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
Each time I understand more about building an Internet Business, learn more about Internet Marketing methods and learn more about SEO practices, I do my best to help people understand what I now understand.  I'm a true believer that practice turns into experience, experience turns into knowledge and knowledge helps a person reach a set goal or success.  I personally have experienced all steps of the learning curve of building an Internet business I turned nothing into something.  Creating any business from the ground floor teaches and educates and the experience absorbed comes from actively doing compared to sitting in a class listening and taking notes. You can be told what to do and how to do it but if you don't take action and put to practice what you have been taught, you will never truly understand.

I list here video clips of me trying my best to explain what I have learned and what I now know.  In the past five years I've watch and listened to hundreds of video clips to learn what I needed to learn to take action to move forward.  I enjoy adding content to my website, blogs and articles, I enjoy recording and uploading videos to Youtube and I get a thrill out of Internet Marketing manually.  I love what I do and I now can't wait to do what I do because I understand and know exactly what I have to do.  It's is a passion and if I can earn a living doing what I love to do, life is a hell of a lot more enjoyable.​​

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You too can learn how to create free banners and images using a free resource available on the web.  You can create an image from scratch, upload an image from your computer to edit or add images to banners you create.  Hundreds of font sizes and styles to choose from.

If you're new to creating banners or images and find it intimidating and time consuming to learn, I recorded a few videos to learn how to create banners and images free and fast.

Free Banner CreatorCreate Free ImagesEdit Images Free

​Tidbit Of Information:

Using many free advertising tools on one webpage can be tricky. I recommend limiting how many you use on one webpage because of the Script Codes you need to embed into the webpage HTML code. When using many Flash Codes and images, using a lot of Script Codes slows down the webpage upload. As you can see, this webpage is short and sweet because it has many banner Free Advertising Script Codes, Amazon HTML Codes, Chitika JavaScript Codes and images, and many URL links. This webpage uploads slowly so I decided to keep the webpage's content short.

  W e b m a s t e r s U l t i m a t e R e s o u r c e s
Free Facebook Advertising

Use The Facebook Event Feature As A Form Of Free Advertising Online.

Not only is the Facebook "Event Feature" used to invite people to special occasions, it can be used to inform your Facebook friends or your Facebook Pages & Group members of new videos you recorded or when you edit to update your articles, blogs & websites.

Click Here to watch video to learn how I use it to keep my friends and members updated each time I create new work or update old work.  This free form of advertising works.

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I built most of my Online business using free resources available on the web and when I learn how to use a free tool or website service I record a video to upload to the InternetEducation101 Youtube channel I moderate.  I enjoy helping people learn how to use platforms faster than they would on their own and I get a thrill out of showing people how I continue to expand my Internet business.  It is possible to earn money online using mainly free resources available on the web.

The mini banners below if clicked will lead you to an InternetEducation101 video clip.


Learn to earn with Michelle
How to Internet Market using Facebook Create Free Banners How To Edit Images
How to properly Internet Market
using Facebook Pages​.
Create free banners with
Banner Fans - I love it.​
Learn how to edit images
sizes to fit any field.​
Google Author Rank Matters Promote Your Youtube Channel Here! Google Algorithm Autopilot Internet Business Overrated


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Opportunities To Consider
Free-to-join legitimate opportunities.​​

* ​​​​​Adsense​
* Chitika
* Infolinks
* Amazon Associate
* Linkshare
* ​​​​​​Infobarrel
* Hubpages
* Impactradius
* Brandcaster
* Youtube Partnership​​​​

The opportunities listed here are the opportunities I use daily so I know they work and pay.​
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